New & Exciting Designs

We offer new and exciting designs to help you make your child’s room a place they can play, study and slumber safely. We offer a wide range of  kids beds with over 40 to choose from as well as furniture, kids linen, wall decals, rugs and decor. There is something here that you and your child will absolutely love

We are constantly on the look out for new ideas that will add fun and value to our range while always keeping your child’s needs in mind. We guarantee personalized service and products manufactured to the highest quality.

Create The Perfect Space

We have something unique and suitable for everyones needs. With a wide variety of colours , cut outs and functional accessories to choose from we can help you create the perfect space.

From finishing touches to whole room designs, we can work with any budget big or small so take a look around and lose yourself in the wonderful world of Upsi Daisy Creations.

Our History

Upsi Daisy Creations was born from our many frustrating searches for beds that would be suitable not only for our little ones, but for us as well. After struggling to find something that we not only loved but was also versatile and fitted into the kids rooms, we eventually turned to our family-owned furniture design and manufacturing business. Our ideas and children’s needs were put to paper and after a few changes here and there the beds that we had been searching for were made, and, needless to say we loved them! From the fantastic feedback that we received from family and friends who saw the beds we realized the growing need for a range of locally manufactured and custom-made Children’s bedroom furniture, linen and accessories. We hope that you love the range and that your children get as much joy and happiness from Upsi Daisy Creations as we do!!